Ajax stands for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML is a web development technique that is used to create asynchronous Web applications. In Laravel, response() and json() functions are used to create asynchronous web applications. Base controller trait uses a ValidatesRequests class which provides a useful method to validate requests coming from the client machine. Validations are an important concept while designing any Laravel application. It ensures that the data is always in an expected format before it stores into the database.

php laravel developer interview questions

Note that the run() method in the code above will create 10 new users using the User factory. The up() method creates new databases, tables, columns, or indexes, whereas the down() method is used to undo the up method’s actions. Cashier
Laravel Cashier implements an expressive, fluid interface to Stripe and Braintree’s subscription billing service. It controls almost all of the boilerplate subscription billing codes. The cashier can also manage coupons, subscription quantities, subscription swapping, grace periods for cancellation, and even create PDF invoices.

What is a facade in Laravel?

Object Relational Mapping is a technique that helps developers to address, access, and manipulate objects without considering the relation between object and their data sources. Rate limiting helps Laravel developers to develop a secure application and prevent DOS attacks. Laravel guard is a special component that is used to find authenticated users.

php laravel developer interview questions

A method up() is used to add new tables, columns or indexes database and the down() method is used to reverse the operations performed by the up() method. You don’t have to worry about these directories if you don’t see them in your application. They’ll be created for you as you generate events and listeners using Artisan console commands. Throttling is a great way to rate-limit requests from a particular IP.

How can we implement a package in Laravel?

In Laravel, throttling is a perfect approach for rate-limiting requests from specific IPs and is also capable enough to prevent DDOS attacks. The framework also provides a middleware that is compatible with not just routes but global middleware as well. Laravel model factories use the powerful Faker library for generating random sample data. A route in Laravel refers to the mapping of a user-requested URL to a specific action, method, or callback function within the application.

In Laravel 3.x, ‘Bundles’ were a way of extending the functionality of the core Laravel framework by adding third-party packages or modules. These bundles were similar to what we now know as packages in the modern Laravel ecosystem. With such questions, recruiters often look to get a clear understanding of your experience in the remote-first model.

Explain validations in Laravel?

Start by pressing Ctrl + Shift + ESC to call up the Windows task manager. Look for the PHP system walking artisan process and end the process tree. Queues in Laravel is one of the best approaches for handling tedious and lengthy processes.

  • Each channel represents a specific way of writing information to the logs.
  • For most of the applications, one should start by defining routes in routes/web.php file.
  • State the types of applications or software you use on a daily basis along with the purpose of each to shed light on your remote work experience.
  • The message obtained after the encryption is referred to as cipher message.
  • It dynamically executes code without the need to compile or write a complete program, which helps developers to test small code snippets or debug their code in real-time.
  • Laravel makes it easy to configure these handlers, allowing you to mix and match them to customize your application’s log handling.

The source code can be shared and modified according to the user requirement. The most common listener in Laravel for login event is LoginListener. Authentication means confirming user identities https://wizardsdev.com/en/vacancy/senior-php-developer-laravel/ through credentials, while authorization refers to gathering access to the system. You can create all web pages of a website to tell the search engine about the organizing site content.

What is Laravel Dusk?

All configuration options for logging your application’s behaviour are stored in the config/logging.php configuration file. Laravel Nova is a beautiful administration panel for Laravel applications. Nova’s primary feature is the ability to manage your underlying database records using Eloquent. Nova achieves this by allowing you to define a Nova “source” that corresponds to each Eloquent model in your application. Laravel’s Cursor method allows you to iterate over database records using a cursor that executes only one query. When processing large amounts of data, the cursor method can be used to reduce memory usage significantly.

Laravel reverse routing uses route declarations to generate URLs. When a link is created using the names of existing routes, Laravel automatically creates the appropriate Uri. In Laravel, service providers can be registered in the config/app.php configuration file. This file contains an array where you need to mention the service provider class name for registration. Bundles are simply packages that increase Laravel’s functionality.

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Laravel includes a middleware that checks whether application user is authenticated or not. Middleware in Laravel is a bridge that connects request to a response. It filters and verifies the authentication of the user of the application. Laravel is a structure that allows a user to choose and create programs. Everything from giving a form to the software and joining it with different application programs is covered by Laravel. It is a freely available PHP framework with a focus on writing codes that help to create personalized web software quickly and efficiently.

php laravel developer interview questions

Cross-Site Forgery or CSRF in Laravel detect unauthorized attacks on web applications. The built-in CSRF plug-in created CSRF tokens to verify all operations and requests sent an active authenticated user. Events in Laravel are observer implementations that allow subscription to events as well as listen to updates about different events within the application. The event classes are saved in the app/Events directory and the listeners are saved in app/Listeners. They may be generated with the help of Artisan console commands. They go a long way in decoupling several aspects of an application due to the multiplicity of listeners for a single event.

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