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SDS (SPECIAL DENATURANT SPIRIT) can be supplied in bulk quantity. It can be supplied in Tankers, ISO Tanks & Barrels. Denaturant as DETONIUM SACHRIDE, Diethyl Ether, Acetone can be used.

Specially Denatured Spirits (SDS) are alcohol or rum which has been treated with denaturants to make it unfit for beverage use. SDS includes Specially Denatured Alcohol (SDA) and Specially Denatured Rum (SDR). An Industrial Alcohol User Permit is needed to procure, use, recover and/or deal in SDS.


A user of SDS is anyone who purchases SDS to use in a process or in the manufacture of a substance, preparation or product. SDS has many uses, such as:


  • In laboratories as a solvent, for cleansing purposes or in the preparation of indicator solutions and reagents.
  • In the manufacture of such articles as perfumes, proprietary solvents, tobacco flavors, lotions and sprays.
  • In conversion processes to produce other substances, such as vinegar or ethyl acetate.
  • A recoverer is anyone who reclaims or salvages SDS or articles (substances or preparations containing SDS) during or after the manufacturing process. The recovered SDS may be used again as is (if still sufficiently denatured) or it may be reconditioned.